Automobile liability insurance companies have become very aggressive in defending claims against the at-fault drivers who cause wrecks. This is also true for other types of personal injuries. On many occasions, they will even try to settle your claim before you have completed medical treatment for your injuries in the wreck which is obviously unfair to you. They will even try to get you to accept a reduced settlement amount by arguing that you were partially at fault for the collision, even when the at-fault driver ran a red light, ran a stop sign or the like. While it certainly is possible for you to settle a personal injury claim on your own, my many years of experience have convinced me that your settlement will be more fair and satisfactory to you if the full scope of your injuries and resulting damages are brought to the attention of the insurance company. Also, there may be more than one type of insurance coverage or insurance policy that can be used to pay your claim and unless this is recognized, you could be receiving less compensation than is proper. Using an attorney to assist you in this type of claim can be very beneficial as it is difficult to get a fair deal from an insurance company unless it understands you mean business when it comes to being treated with respect on your claim.


Sometime ago I represented a very nice lady who was a government employee and was injured in car wreck while on the job. The driver that caused the wreck did not have sufficient liability insurance coverage to fully pay for my client’s damages. Of course, my client was covered by workers’ compensation, but workers’ compensation only pays certain limited and reduced benefits and does not pay anything at all for pain and suffering and many other types of damages. My client did not have any underinsured motorist coverage on her own car policy and it looked like she would end up receiving less than fair compensation for her injuries, which were not life-threatening but were serious enough to cause her permanent problems. By some careful digging around I was able to find out that her employer’s fleet auto policy had some additional coverage that applied to her claim, and we were able to get the full amount of that coverage paid to her, also. So you can see that it often pays to have the assistance of an attorney.